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Holding Hands in Nature



Communication problems

Learn to communicate freely and a way to discuss differentness rationally


Deal with the reality, decide the way forward and strengthen the partnership


Learn Problem- Solving by being a united better team and develop a better understanding of each other  

Lack of Love

Create a culture of affection & appreciation. Rekindle the Love by working on the obstacles

Coaching Sessions Done Online on Zoom  


What is Marriage Counselling Mumbai ?


4:30 pm

Marriage counseling helps you to identify and deal with the differentness and thereby resolve conflicts. It is a systematic approach that focuses at improving your relationships. A marriage counsellor creates an environment that provides you with space to discover ways to rebuild your relationship.


Marriage coaching is a little different from counseling. Coaching is goal-oriented and focuses on here and now. Though the past dynamics of the relationship are briefly touched upon so as to decide the way forward. Typically the process includes working at the individual level and jointly with the couple. Yet in some cases when one partner is not willing to work with the coach, it is a little different route that needs to be walked upon. Every scenario is unique and that's why a unique plan needs to be devised, specifically tailored to the situation.

What does a Marriage Counsellor do ?


10:00 am

Marriage counselors can help people in all phases of intimate relationships be it dating, engaged or married, separated/divorced.

A marriage counselor helps you to strengthen your partnership and develop a bond of understanding between the two of you.  If you are planning to get married, opting for marriage counseling helps you know ways to gain the needed skills like problem-solving, communication, developing affection and intimacy, etc. Premarital counseling can help you understand the needs of your partner way more. You get a chance to know and embrace each other's worlds, aspirations, likes - dislikes, preferences, etc thereby becoming a team beforehand. 

Generally, couples who want to mend their troubled relationship for many of the following issues including:




Finance related concerns


Trust issues


Anger issues


Change in Priorities  


Lack of love


Physical Intimacy issues


Parenting related issues 

Issues related to families

What is the process of Mariage Counseling ?


11:30 am

If you are willing to take the first step, leave rest on us. Come for the first session with lot of commitment in your heart, and we can facilitate the needed transformation. 

You get such a non-judgemental space and an opportunity to identify the gaps that you start seeing the possibility of success right at the end of the first session. 

Of course, looking at your own self is not an easy task. That is why we do our work with a great deal of sensitivity and dedication. You seamlessly work on your ability to relate to your partner, that your partner starts responding to your positive actions.

Years of experience in the field, we could develop a four-step process to make you accomplish your relationship goals. 

1. You commit to your areas of work

2. You identify your steps forward 

3. You devise ways to manage and do away with the obstacles

4. You take practical steps and bring the change 

To make it possible, we give you enough tools and techniques that are simple and very effective.



Marriage& Relationship Coach


Masters in Psychology 

Ph.D. - Psychology

ICF Certified Coach


Since my childhood I was living in fear, had low self-esteem, unaware of the fact that I am suffering. When I met Dr. Kamal Khurana, he took extra pains to understand the root cause. The best part is the solution he offered, it is MAGICAL and works with immediate effect. He made me aware of my weaknesses and converted them into my strengths. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. Today I have no fear and most importantly I am a HAPPY PERSON!

Nikhil, Business owner


I was struggling with my married life issues since day one, right from the courtship period. My marriage was on the edge of breaking up and then I used the ‘Give Love’ formula of Dr Kamal Khurana. Not only did it save my marriage but also saved my confidence and kept intact the happiness of my two families.

Shilpi, Para medical professional

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