• Kamal Khurana

10 SIMPLE TRICKS TO SAVE YOUR FAILING MARRIAGE - Dr Kamal Khurana Marriage Counselling

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

You must have heard the saying that ‘marriages are made in heaven’. While that may be true, marriages perhaps are predestined and decided in heaven, but we have to make them work here on earth.

It could be days, months or even years after marriage that it seems like everything is falling

apart. Sometimes, we start fighting with our partners. Their little habits start annoying us. They also do the same. They don’t show as much care and concern as they used to. They don’t show the love and tenderness that was there in the beginning. You both begin to resent each other’s presence. These are all signs that your marriage is falling apart and failing.

If this is the case, you need to take immediate steps to save your marriage before it is too late - and this time, permanently.

Here are 10 simple tips and tricks that show immediate results and can save a failing marriage:

1. Vulnerability: True intimacy is possible only through the exposure of weak spots. Being

completely honest about who you are takes a lot of effort because you are exposing your

deepest fears but it is that honesty that draws people to you. Your partner will appreciate

it and it will also arouse their protective instincts towards you.

2. Authenticity: Human beings ache for the real. Fictional and fake facades are only

temporary; people see through them in some time. Real authenticity lasts for a lifetime.