• Kamal Khurana

How can I make my marriage successful ? Parkhi Monga and Marriage Counsellor Dr Kamal Khurana

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Successful marriages don’t just happen, they need to be created. A successful marriage is built on trust, respect, commitment and love. The most important of these aspects is ‘love’. Love brings with itself compassion, humility, hope, serenity and gratitude. A relationship built with ‘unconditional love’ makes for a successful marriage.

The key factors required for a successful and happy marriage are listed and briefed below.

· Love yourself – To love someone else, you need to love yourself first. Before you think of giving love, it is imperative that you have it for and within yourself. If you don’t love the way you are, you cannot even understand the love that somebody else has for you.

· Own your relationship – For a relationship to work, you need to own it. When you own something, it becomes completely yours. You put in everything for anything that belongs to you. So when you own a relationship, you give everything in the form of love. Giving love, and not demanding, is the key to having a fulfilling relationship.

· Appreciate and Acknowledge – Appreciate or acknowledge your partner for even the littlest of things that he/she does for you. Constant appreciation gives a feeling of recognition and the spouse tends to do better each time. This is a healthy practice to create a happy marriage.

· Be honest – It is extremely important to be honest to your partner to create oneness within the relationship. Honesty creates trust and also strengthens the bond that a couple shares. Dishonesty is sooner or later unveiled and does massive damage to the relationship.