Recreating friendship together

What is Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is a type of psychotherapy where you explore, recognize, and resolve conflicts in your marriage aiming to improve your relationship. It provides a safe space for you and your partner to identify the hurdles and your emotions that have kept you away from a love-filled relationship.  

What is the process of marriage counselling ?

Marriage Counselling sessions happen in a safe space. The work is done both at an individual level and at a couple level depending on the adaptability and course of sessions. 

Transformation Process

Generally, most of the transformation work is facilitated in the session itself, yet the fortification of the concepts and nurturance of the new dynamics are done at home amongst the couple in their daily life. We will assign you your home tasks between the sessions so that you perfect the learning. Such tasks include individual home tasks and couple tasks.

Follow up 

In the following sessions, the couple talks about the home tasks so that the positive impact is measured and also the challenges(if any) are addressed. Change happens mainly at the emotional and behavioural level.

Both Partners or One 

Marriage counselling is best suited when both partners are willing to introspect, identify and work on the dysfunctional components together as a united team. But in some cases when one partner is not ready to come for the sessions, the marriage counsellor works along with the forthcoming partner to improvise the relationship within the best ability. This provides evidence to the unwilling partner, that counselling process is effective. In some cases, this change makes him/her ready to attend the sessions. And in other cases, he/she starts responding positively.


Although it must be remembered that it's not easy, success is certainly possible.

Dr. Kamal Khurana PhD.

MsC Psychology

PhD Psychology


Certified Coach

Disclaimer : Kamal does not do diagnostics or clinical therapy. All private sessions with Kamal are considered ‘coaching’, not therapy nor counselling.

By scheduling this session, you are acknowledging the understanding that you are booking Kamal for a coaching session and not therapy. Results depend completely on your openness, ability and commitment to act on the outcomes of the sessions.

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