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Wedding Couple



How to establish 


Establishing communication is easy. We have developed some simple algorithms

How to handle Cheating

We help you gain the needed balance and composure. And then you can develop the steps forward.  

How to get rid of Fights

You get a chance to see the unmet needs of each other. And also learn to create midway. Finally you become a team. 

How to bring Love

Learn to show affection and build a bond of love. We can help your partner understand if he/she is willing 

Coaching Done Online through Video Conference  


What is Marriage Counseling in Delhi ?


4:30 pm

Marriage counseling provides you with an opportunity to understand and acknowledge each other's differentness and establish a unique way to bond with respect to your's and your partner's capability.


A Marriage counselor in Delhi uses a systematic approach to improve the relationship between two individuals. You get a space where you know each other and learn to each other in respective life aspirations and relationship goals.


Whereas marriage counseling is slightly more comprehensive, marriage coaching focuses on goals by working on here and now. Of course dynamics of the past in your relationship are also delved into but briefly. This helps in keeping the couple focussed on the way forward instead of going through the deeper emotions which become a little overwhelming.


Although not everyone is the same, some people are unable to go through overwhelming emotions. Typically coach uses a mix of individual and joint work with the couple. If one partner is not ready to attend sessions, it takes a little longer route for the one who is ready. We use a tailor-made strategy for every scenario for achiveing the best outcomes

What happens in a Marriage Counseling session ?


10:00 am

Consulting a marriage counselor can be useful for people who are dating or who are engaged or who are married and even those who are separated /divorced.

In a  marriage counseling session you get an opportunity to strengthen your friendship and rebuild a forever bond between you and your partner.


If you are about to get married or contemplating marriage, through marriage counseling, you can develop the skills that are a core requirement for any relationship - be it problem-solving or communication skills and even coveted skills like showing affection and intimacy, etc. Society rarely creates an opportunity for us to learn the skills but expects everyone to possess them.  


We provide coaching which is a little more focussed on outcomes which makes it faster and more effective. You learn ways to understand the deeper needs of each other. You and your partner learn to embrace each other's worlds which include your respective aspirations, preferences. You learn to develop and display sensitivity towards each other.

Mostly our clients approach us for working on the following areas :

  • Intimacy (emotional & physical)

  • Money related issues

  • Lack of Trust

  • Lack of Couple Time

  • Lack of Attraction

  • Loss of interest in each other

  • Fight & Arguments 

  • Difference in Personalities    

  • No love 

  • Fights related to children

  • In-Laws related issues

What is our process of Marriage Counseling ?


11:30 am

It is indeed tough to take the first step. But once when you do attend the first session, we really make you feel so comfortable that you would regret not seeking it earlier. 


We do not aim at pointing at your or your partner's mistake. 

Be rest assured you and your partner will get utmost care and sensitivity from our side. 

We follow a process that helps you and your partner identify your individual relationship goals and thereby team goals. You learn to create a culture of appreciation and acknowledgement which is the base of friendship. And once when you have that friendship established we help you with the deeper work which includes working on each other's needs. 

We provide you with enough resources to establish the bond you have always aspired.  

15 years 

5000 clients

Marriage Counselling in Delhi Best Marri

Since my childhood I was living in fear, had low self-esteem, unaware of the fact that I am suffering. When I met Dr. Kamal Khurana, he took extra pains to understand the root cause. The best part is the solution he offered, it is MAGICAL and works with immediate effect. He made me aware of my weaknesses and converted them into my strengths. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. Today I have no fear and most importantly I am a HAPPY PERSON!

Nikhil, Business owner


I was struggling with my married life issues since day one, right from the courtship period. My marriage was on the edge of breaking up and then I used the ‘Give Love’ formula of Dr Kamal Khurana. Not only did it save my marriage but also saved my confidence and kept intact the happiness of my two families.

Shilpi, Para medical professional

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