• Kamal Khurana

Powerful Ways to Grow in Your Career - by Parkhi Monga & Kamal Khurana

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The most easiest response, when we are feeling worried about our career, is to blame something or somebody else for our actions or shortcomings, or mistakes. This happens everytime when our friend inquires about the potential in our industry or our organization. The major reasons that we state for our slow careers include dominance from the boss, inappropriate office environment, shrewd co-workers, unexplained bias and some sort of prejudice. Looking at them thoughtfully, it can easily be inferred that these are not reasons rather excuses. We tend to release the burden of our inability to work properly by throwing excuses which we think will most fit in the scenario.

The reasons that are most often stated, are too common at workplaces. Pondering unintelligently over them often ruin careers which could otherwise have taken people to places.

Let us delve deeper into what really holds us and our careers back. What we think is way too foolish and doesn’t make us any wiser. There is another reality to making successful careers.

One of the most profound reasons for slow careers is low self esteem. Low self esteem makes a person doubt their abilities. Not having faith in one’s own abilities increases the feelings of anxiety, stress and insecurity, which in turn prohibits a person from working hard or putting in even the required efforts.

The most important thing that a person needs to learn here is Self Love. Adding value to self raises self esteem, thereby opening tremendous opportunities for career growth. A healthy relationship with self is extremely important. Until and unless one has faith in their own abilities, nothing else can help boost the career growth. Creating self esteem helps diminish factors such as jealousy from peers, insecurity and sensitivity towards criticism. It also makes a person think positively about the work as well as the peers.

Thinking about the past is another major aspect that keeps a person from putting in efforts. There may be incidents where a person is bullied, seen as inferior or never praised. Such unpleasant incidents often trigger negative thoughts, reduce faith, initiate over thinking, victimise people and most importantly, prohibit people from living in the present. For people to stay focussed and achieve the desired goals, they must let go off the past. It is extremely important to be present to such emotions and deal with them effectively. These emotions can easily be dealt with by conscious efforts.

Here are a few measures that must be considered while working towards career growth:

· Focus solely on the goal