• Kamal Khurana

Steps to manage thoughts of quitting and attain the winner's mindset - Dr Kamal Khurana

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Goals can be achieved only when you have a commitment to achieve them. Easier said than done! Right?

Indeed it is not easy when you have tried everything. Thoughts of the past keep running in your head. There is a sense of feeling low as if you have lost a battle, despite your good intentions and hard work. And now you believe that giving up is the only option you have. Even more, because you think no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to create it and the situation will remain the same forever.

Experiencing these low emotions, you end up saying to self "I have done so much

and despite all, I failed". Doesn't this keep repeating in your head every now and then? Also then you say this to all the people whom you share your situation with?

And because you have been saying this over and over again to yourself and to others, this has become a solid belief for you. Even at this point in time, your mind must be trying to convince that you have really worked a lot, so it is not just a belief, it is a reality.

True! You have worked a lot to make things work. And this is your first step - You have to acknowledge that you have worked a lot. To understand the second step, you need to ask yourself, why are you even reading this article. Don't you want to see that the efforts that you have put so far, should get you the results you aspire?

Ask yourself "What is that I can still do to turn it all around?"

It is all about the patterns in your mind. When you don't know the solution, you end up experimenting with everything without consistency. Of course, how can consistency come when you don't know which way is the right way. It's like you are in an unknown city in the middle of the night with a discharged phone and you are trying to reach an address.