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RESULTS -Based Approach

Our Process & Coaching Technique Gets You There




Be it your personal life or your career, life coaching can be help you in creating real changes in following areas :

1.  Gain Self-confidence
2.  Improve Performance at work
3.  Discover the career you love
4.  Become capable of dealing with stress
5.  Build & maintain fulfilling relationships
6.  Develop work / life balance
7.  Manage people more effectively
8.  Managing and growing your own business effectively
9.  Build Self Worth & Self Esteem
10. Loving Relationships That Work
11. Managing transition in Career 
12. Learn Self Care - meeting Own Needs  
13. Living a holistic life of purpose
14. Managing Anger and Frustrations 
15. Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change
16. Develop and nurture family bonding
17. Discovering and respecting Self & Identity  
18. Exploring and cherishing spirituality  


What is Relationship Coaching?

What exactly relationship coaching is?  There are a great deal of advantages that come from relationship coaching. When working with Dr. Kamal Khurana - relationship counselor, you and your partner will have the option to explore the master plan of your relationship and individual cooperation. You will be given a protected space to explore the examples of both your couple and individual conduct, just as discover approaches to be more aware of your choices and activities.

We generally think for what reason is the issue 'What is relationship counseling' so important?

At Our Relationship Counseling firm, we accept that relationship counseling is a sort of talk treatment that gives the two parties access a relationship talk about their emotions and issues in a private and safe climate. By talking and examining through our issues, we can all the more likely get ourselves. Additionally with the correct direction we are regularly ready to make changes that improve our day by day lives and better our connections.

In specific, a relationship coach is an professional trained to tune in with sympathy and ability with respect to your relationship and individualized difficulties.

Dr. Kamal Khurana can help you manage any negative feelings and contemplation as well as likewise give target direction towards your relationship personal growth.

This is the sort of guiding that helps couples of all types to recognize, to perceive, investigate, and resolve clashes with an end goal to improve and better their connections and cooperation. Through the methods for coaching, you can be provided with the instruments to settle on deliberate and smart choices about your relationship.

inner conflict

Who am I ?

What is my Purpose ?

How can I be happy ?




How can I grow professionally ?

How can I be Successful ?


How can I reach my potential ?



How can I cherish relationships ?


How can i feel fulfilled ?


Can i make a happy family ? 

personal development

I want to live my life my way ! want !

I want to be rich & famous !

I want to turn dreams into reality !


life coaching

These Life Coaching sessions include all areas of your personal life, career or even spirituality - 

1. You discover what's really most important to you in your life.
2. Once you know that, you design a plan to achieve your goals. 
3. Then you eliminate any obstacles or roadblocks that stop you. 
4. We walk with you in your journey to success. 
5. Finally we celebrate your success with you !


In Relationship Coaching sessions - 

1. You learn to accept, respect and love your own self first.

2. You understand your partner - his/her capacity & limitations.
3. Once you know your partner you develop an ability to relate to your partner.
4. You develop an attitude to listen to your partner's needs and express yours.  
5. Finally you learn to accept, respect and love your

partner as well.

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