• Kamal Khurana

How can I make cordial relations with my in-laws? by Parkhi Monga & Kamal Khurana Marriage Counselor

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

First of all, it is imperative to understand that the old notion regarding in-laws is completely irrational. A person willing to make cordial relations with in-laws, will always get a good and positive response.

The mere notion that in-laws are always tough to deal with, crafted in women’s minds since childhood is the root cause of the development of unfriendly relations with them. We need to unlearn what we have been taught or seen or listened, and create our own compassionate and intelligent world.

Expectations from in-laws are natural, so are the expectations that they have from their daughter-in-law. Nothing can be one-sided. Love brings love and the same goes for hate. So, if a woman really wants to get love from her in-laws, she should also be ready to give it to them. Expectation of love by in-laws is as good as and as important as the expectation of love by their daughter-in-law.

Of course, nothing matches the love that parents have for their biological children. A wise woman understands it completely and never compares the love that her partner or sister-in-law or may be her brother-in-law gets within the family.

It is also important to understand that being a new member of the family, a daughter-in-law is always judged by her conduct within the family. It is up to her whether to give love or demand instead. Remember, love always comes back when it is given. It is an important role that the husband has to play to ensure that the new member(i.e. his wife) is well accepted in his larger family.